Sicily is the gastronomical paradise of Italy. No other region has had the possibility to experiment, contaminate, cultivate and protect its own gastronomic culture – achieved from century-long stratification of voyages, conquests, culture and cultivation like the “Sicilian continent”.

Migration and nostoi – departures and returns – have created a fascinating kaleidoscope of tastes, which become a declination of joy and conviviality in its dishes.

This is the world desired by the Miccichè family at Le Calette. Each gastronomical proposal has its own space dedicated and declined by its restaurants.

The CALA LUNA for charming fine dining, is on a huge lawn under the stars of Cefalù in the summer and in the RIZZ’I MARI, an elegant panoramic dining room, on cooler days.

The CALETTE REEF is a restaurant by the sea, on a terrace overlooking the bay of Caldura, for more casual, entertaining and captivating moments.