Le Calette ed Alberi del Paradiso
For a responsible and sustainable energetic de-escalation

We firmly believe that collective responsibility has the power to stimulate much wider effects, so in 2022 we asked our guests to do a very small sacrifice: giving up to the heating of the pool during their stay, so that we could dedicate all the power of our solar panels to heat the water for the bathrooms with a notable saving of energy and gas – one of the main financial sources supporting the war in Ukraine – amounting to approximately 5 euros a day for each room.

We have decided that double this sum (10 euros per day per room) would have been subtracted from our guests’ bill, or, if they preferred, collected and sent through an international organisation to the families that have been overwhelmed by the war.

Thanks to the contribution and empathy of our guests who have decided to participate, we were able to raise 10.217,00 euros, which were donated to the Italian Red Cross – Ukrainian Emergency.

It might seem only a drop in the ocean, but as the Nobel Peace Prize Albert Schweitzer said:

The first step in the evolution of ethics is a sense of solidarity with other human beings

Cefalù, 14 December 2022