Le Calette and Alberi del Paradiso
For a responsible and sustainable energetic de-escalation

Cefalù, 7th April 2022. At the end of the last century, when, at the two family properties in Cefalù; Le Calette and Alberi del Paradiso, we began to deal with the environmental sustainability of our activity, we could never have imagined the developments we would like to discuss here.

Since 2000, our commitment to reduce the emission of chemical and waste products has been a source of pride and respect for the most important treasure that we have: our environment. Many activities were inactivated to reduce our impact, from the formation of the staff – at Alberi del Paradiso – to the first installation of 35kw solar panels, to the elimination of plastic from our structures.

These innovations were already certified for the integrated quality and environmental management in 2006 with registry of UNI EN ISO 9001 – UNI EN ISO 14001. . In 2008, we obtained certification from the “Legambiente” Tourism, and in 2009 Le Calette and Alberi del Paradiso were awarded the trade mark Ecolabel from the European Community. Since 2021 we were included in the Sustainable Firstportal.

Today, like everybody else, our attention and our worries refer to what is happening to the east of the European continent. This is a call to actionwhich may seem “light” but really – as with much of every day behaviour which we don’t pay much attention to – it could stimulate much wider effects…

For years Alberi del Paradiso has heated the pool with thermic solar panels in the cooler months. When this use becomes superfluous, from June to September, they are utilised to heat the water in the bathrooms of the hotel. This year at Le Calette, we have doubled the power of the solar panels to accommodate the same function in the months of April and May and then October and November.

So faced with the heroism and the sacrifices of the entire Ukrainian population and of many Russian citizens, we, on one hand offer our welcome individually and on the other collectively by protesting in the streets against the war. We realised by doing this collectively we have the possibility, and we feel the responsibility, to do more to tangibly make our solidarity towards these unfortunate fellow European citizens felt.

The “extra” contribution we have chosen is just one very small sacrifice which could become an important collective action. We ask you during your stay to give up the heating of the pool. In April and May and then in October and November, this little deprivation could allow us to dedicate all the power of our solar panels to heat the water for the guests’ bathrooms with a notable saving of gas and energy that could be calculated up to 5 euros a day for each room.

As a family and as proprietors, we have decided that double this sum (10 euros per day per room) will be subtracted from your bill, or, if you choose, be collected and sent through the Red Cross, or another international organisation you would like to indicate, to the families that have been overwhelmed by the war.

This action would avoid fomenting the consumption of gas – one of the main financial sources supporting this war – for an estimated €20,000.00 and through which on the contrary, we could generate aid and collect funds for a value of over €50,000.00.

Unfortunately we realise that this is only a drop in the ocean, but we are certain that this little sacrifice could induce us to do much more and much more tangibly even individually.

We could think about how important it is for our young people to get out on the streets to protest against the war, and then about the consequences of this same gesture for a Russian dissident, or about who risks even more when he or she is forced to go out to find a ration of food.

We could also stop to reflect on the word sacrifice: we could decide to give up a trip in the car on a Sunday and get a train which still represents safety for so many: we could give up a hot shower, there are people who even have to simply do without water, give up central heating, there is no lack of duvets and blankets: or as a small sacrifice, give up any of our comforts remembering that there are those who are sacrificing their lives.

It’s easy to imagine how many thousands of people we will involve together with you.

Maybe at the end of this consideration we have only contributed to the preservation of gas supplies for the next winter. But, if we are able, we could materially make the Ukrainians in their occupied country feel our congeniality. If we really succeed in making our weight felt, we could get the message to all the European governments that we support the resistance to this energetic blackmail.

We are waiting for you, confiding in your collaboration,

For more information, you can contact us at +39 0921 423 900 or by email at booking@lecalette.it.