For more than fifty years Le Calette Hotel has accompanied the history of the last generations of the Cacciola family.
Santino, engineer, who has combined a technical view with his own creative intuition to generate an oasis of well-being.
Francesca, Santino’s daughter, together with her husband Angelo Miccichè, esteemed architect, in a few years have undertaken the commitment to guide Le Calette up to the Olympus of the Sicilian 5-star Hotels.
The third generation has arrived with Gaia, the youngest daughter of the couple, who, after years of studying and working around the world, has chosen to contribute to the management of the family business which had always been home to her.


Le Calette developed over the years as a tangible metaphor of harmony and beauty, following the natural conformation of the bay that hosts it.
The ideal place for those who want to combine culture and art, relax and the seaside when on vacation, on a totalizing experience of Sicilian sensuality.
Every single element would not be of such beauty and harmony if they had not been designed by the attentive eye of Angelo, the architect, and would not have their distinguished Mediterranean soul if they had not been furnished and organized by Francesca, who has given (and received) love at Le Calette, since her childhood.


Without hesitation when putting the old aside to give life to the new, the Hotel today unobtrusively represents a way of experiencing Sicilian luxury. Decorated with the charm of wise refinement, harmoniously immersed in the nature of the bay, it offers every comfort and proposes the many delicacies of the products and cuisine of this sparkling land.